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NIROX Sculpture Park

Cradle of Humankind

Next event:

Saturday 7 November 2020


arteBOTANICA 2019 celebrated fashion, art and music through nature,

whilst acknowledging the importance of sustainability.

Demographically it reached the heart of South Africa, especially its youth

and creative communities – the groundswell of the future.

It is a platform for expansion, improvement and new opportunities - to create an

annual festival of diverse arts – ephemeral but etched in memory.

On Saturday 7 November 2020

designers, performers and visual artists

will collaborate without boundaries once more;

presenting images, costumes, garments, sounds, movements

and installations throughout the Sculpture Park.

Closing with an outdoor evening catwalk

in the amphitheatre

while the sun sets on the surrounding hills

of the Cradle of Humankind,

humanity’s ancestral home...


Manthe Ribane

Creative Director

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